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Take a Listen to My Radio Debut!!!!

In case you weren't aware, I am one blessed and lucky girl. I missed my official radio debut due to the fact that I apparently don't understand the concept of time changes between here and London (Too bad I never learned basic addition and subtraction during my 5 years at Georgia Tech...). LUCKILY, the show gets recorded each week, so I was able to hear my music as well as the incredibly kind words of a man who I'm pretty certain is the world's sweetest radio show host!

You can hear my first song (as well as Whiskey's intro) in this post. Just press the play button towards the middle of the page and then drag the little scrubber to 13:40.

The second song played a little later in the show at about 10:40. To say I'm flattered by his words after the song finishes is an understatement! 

 Thank you so much to Whiskey Blues Radio for taking a chance on me and giving me my first break! You'll never know how much it means.