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Let's Get Physical (Copies, that is!)

The CD copies of my album have finally come in!!! A ton of you mentioned you'd like one, so here's a few different ways you can get a copy (or a few!):

  • Option 1: Order online in the Store tab. Copies should ship within a week. 
  • Option 2: Get them straight from me! Basically, if you live somewhere between Cartersville and Atlanta, I can get you a copy. If you live up in Alaska or in Europe or something, I am SO sorry, but I probably won't have time to drive up and drop one off for you. (Unless you'd like to fly me up to hand-deliver it to wherever you are. In which case, I'm TOTALLY in!)
  • Option 3: Pick up a copy at Southern Guitars on Main Street in Cartersville, starting on Saturday. You should probably go ahead and grab yourself a guitar or something just as awesome while you're there.
  • Option 4 (Coming Soon!): Order online at CD Baby. The first CD is $12, and you get 10% off of each one if you buy multiples! 

A lot of people have asked for signed copies... If you order online and want a signed copy, email me at with details on how you'd like the inscription to read. Otherwise, just text me and I'll come scribble on it for you. :)

Thanks for all of the encouragement and support! Please keep sharing!