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Christmas Time is Here!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! I love the Christmas hymns and carols about our precious Jesus, I love the lights, I love the church services, and I love getting to see everyone giving of their time and their hearts to make things just a little better for other people!

This year I'm ESPECIALLY excited, because I get to play some Christmas shows!! My first one is this coming Saturday from 1 - 1:30pm at the Atlantic Station tree lighting. I'll also be playing at Atlantic Station at their Black Friday Bash from 12 - 1pm on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Hellooooo crazy shoppers and cat fights!), so if you're insanely brave and want some good deals, you should come out to that one. 

Make sure to check my shows tab or my Facebook page for info on all my upcoming performances!


P.S. Here's a sneak peek of my sweet little Christmas tree!