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For the Record... Q&A's

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (no pun intended), I really do have to thank all of y'all for being SO INCREDIBLE and supportive about the album this past week! I'm so blessed to have all of you to help me as I start down this road. I've gotten a few of the same questions over and over from people that have listened to my music, and I wanted to answer a few of them here in case y'all were wondering the same things! Here we go...

1) Yes, I wrote each and every one of these songs myself! That includes both music and lyrics. I didn't have a cowriter. I'd definitely like to cowrite for my next release, though!

2) The only instruments I'm playing on the album are the tambourine and the shakers. Trust me, it's better that way.

3) As you may can tell, we didn't run the album through autotune. I wanted it to sound natural (little mistakes and all!), so we chose to "spot-tune," which means we fixed a few words in each song that may have been part of a good take but just a little too sharp or flat for comfort.

4) No, I'm not signed to a label or anything like that. This is a self-published album. Record deals (hopefully!) come along later.

5) My inspiration for songs comes from my life. I've written about family, heartbreak, youth, liars, loves, the future, my past, depression, joy... a whole lot! Only 9 of about 100 songs I've written made it onto the record. 

6) My next steps are to start playing some shows, try to get my songs in front of as many people as possible, find a band, and keep writing! This is where YOU come in. Please share my name and music with as many people as possible! I'll love you forever :)

Got anything else you wanna know? Feel free to ask me on my Facebook or Twitter! I'd love to answer any questions!