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I Don't Play Dubstep

I've gotten a lot of questions over the past few months about what type of music I'm writing and recording. Guess I've gotta say it's a little of a lot! One of my goals on this record, especially as an artist just starting out, was to really focus on versatility and write songs that fell into several different genres. I don't want to pigeonhole myself into one very specific type of music, so I wrote a lot of different songs that I felt could still be pulled together as a cohesive album. 

If I had to pick one genre, I'd pick country (obviously!), but it goes deeper than that. I've got pure old country, country pop, folk/americana, indie pop, one or two with a little bit of blues thrown in, and one that my producer calls my "backwoods" song. 

All that to say, this album will have something for everyone. I hope that you love each song, but if you hear one that you don't particularly like, don't write off the whole thing! Listen to a few more, and I'm pretty sure you'll find something that's right up your alley. Unless you're looking for dubstep. But I can always go find my old dial up modem and record that for you.