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The Keys Guy

Just  finished up keys for the album with my sweet friend, Ian York! He came over to my place a few nights this week and we had us a wonderful studio apartment session filled with a lot of fun and a LOT of junk food. He even ate some supper that I cooked, which, I will tell you, is a risk and a great sacrifice of personal safety. But it shows you just how nice he really is!

I won’t lie, I didn’t even think I wanted keys on half of the album, but the parts Ian came up with were just so beautiful that I knew we had to put them in. That’s how you know you’ve got a truly talented musician on your hands — their work is so good you can’t imagine your songs without it! A few more great sessions like this and we may just have a finished record on our hands…

Looking at a mid-April release date, and it can’t come soon enough!!