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Mr. Petruska & His Pickles

After some technical difficulties at our last session in December, we finally made it back in to track some more drums yesterday! Our scheduled drummer ended up taking a detour to Grady’s ER yesterday morning for some heart problems instead of heading to the studio, but don’t worry — he’s recovered! I realize this all makes it sound like this record is cursed, but I’ve been assured that it isn’t. Here’s hoping.

You might think that a day-of cancellation would mean rescheduling, but my awesome producer and studio tech love me too much to let that happen. (Or they just didn’t want to go through the nightmare of scheduling another studio date. But I’m gonna chalk it up to adoration and determination). After making a few phone calls, they found a drummer to come in on zero notice. So we got to spend all day tracking with the insanely talented and charming Marcus Petruska! Think you don’t know who that is? You totally do. Marcus played drums on Zac Brown Band’s “The Foundation” back in 2008. Yes, that’s the one with “Chicken Fried” and “Toes.”

As you can imagine, having Marcus play on my record is a dream come true. I’m fairly certain he’s a mind reader, as he managed to give me everything I wanted for drums and then make it about 1,000 times more awesome than it was in my head. Also, he shared his jar of pickles with me (Not a euphemism. Brought his own pickles to the studio because he’s just that awesome), which, as my close friends know, is probably the fastest way to gain my trust/respect/undying loyalty.

Can’t WAIT for you all to hear it! Be prepared to be amazed.

Next, we’re tracking bass on January 20th. Baby steps…