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Awesum Pawssum

Huge progress to report on the album front. Not only have we finished tracking bass with the wonderful Jon Morrison, but as of today we’ve also finished recording acoustic and electric guitar! My friend Brandon Stiles spent the better part of his weekend working his magic on each track, and all of the hard work has paid off in a big way. It sounds incredible!

In addition to some killer guitar parts for my songs, something else wonderful came out of these tracking sessions…

Some of you may not know this, but I am a woman of many talents, one of them being an innate knack for art. You can find a stunning example of my work to the right. It’s appropriately titled, “The Awesum Pawssum.” Strongly considering using this as my cover artwork so that everyone can gaze upon its beauty and forever associate it with my music. I know it’s great. You’re welcome.