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Latest News

My NEW album "'Til the Day I Die" is officially out on iTunes! Grab a copy, and let me know what you think! Rate it, share it, and most importantly, LOVE IT! Hard copies will be available in a few months for those of you who are interested. READ MORE

Gone are the days of only monthly updates. Gone are the weeks without shows. 2016 is bringing BIG THINGS for my music, starting with a BRAND NEW ALBUM, 'Til the Day I Die, which goes on pre-sale for iTunes on February 8! That also happens to be the same night that I'm playing Smith's Olde Bar (The 8th at 8PM -- don't miss it!)... Read More

I've been pinky-promising y'all some great news related to Nashville, and I'm FINALLY ready to share!! For the next few months, I'll be working with the great team over at Go Long Entertainment, writing and performing up in Nashville and (fingers crossed, prayers said) really putting my music career on the fast track! This team is spectacular to say the least. I'll be writing with Sherrie Austin (90's Country Music Star) and Will Rambeaux (He produced Faith Hill, among others. NBD.) and... Read More

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Caryn's self-titled debut album is available NOW!

Get it today! 

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