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Latest News

I've written a ton of new songs for my new EP to be recorded later this year, but I just CAN'T WAIT that long for y'all to hear them! I wanted to give y'all a sneak peek of one of my favorites. This is the VERY first rough cut ever taken of "I'll Still Have You." Please share, and make sure to let me know what y'all think! Read More 

Just found out that I'm on the ballot as Female Artist of the Year in the Georgia Country Music Awards!!! Make sure to vote for me here (once per device) and SHARE with everyone! Thank y'all so much for your support -- it's so exciting to see great things happening!!! Read more 

Monday was full of coolness, thanks to a bunch of my sweet friends and some fun we had at Eddie's Attic!! Played their open mic night for the first time (proof after the jump!) Definitely won't be my last time there, so make sure to come out to another date later in the summer! In the meantime, drop by one of my other shows! Read More

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